Missoni for Target

A few days ago the lookbook for Missoni for Target was released.  The minute I saw the images I set a reminder for the day they come out because I will be sure to be grabbing a few of the items.  The line looks fantastic for being a Target line.  I was impressed by Calypso for Target but all of the items seemed ordinary.  None of these items could be easily found anywhere else and they will be sure to sell quickly!

the bikini.
I'm sure it's priced well, just like every other Target bikini and it's super cute! I hope the pattern comes in more colors because I'm not digging the fall shades.  I want to see something more Summer/Resort.

rainboots & umbrella.
I hate matching but these two items just look so cute together! I always refuse to carry an umbrella and my Hunter's aren't as fashionable as I would like but if I can get my hands on these items, I will pray for rain.

hat, gloves, scarf.
For those of you heading East where the temperatures drop, do me a favor and grab a set!  I adore Winter items like these but my California Winter's are not calling for these items.  Maybe I'll have to plan a trip East just to wear this set!
scarves, scarves, scarves.
Oh my god.  Now I've never been someone to like "silk" scarves but these are just fantastic.  I want the one on the right to just hang on my wall.  I honestly have no use for one of these but they truly look Missoni, not like some cheap knock-off.

I love pretty candles.  I hate lighting candles but I love having them around.  I think they add a lot to a room and even when unlit, they freshen the smell of rooms.  The containers these are in are gorgeous and I will for sure be getting a couple for my house.  Even if they don't smell good, they are lovely as just artwork.

I have absolutely zero use for a bike.  Yes, I'm a college student.  Yes, people at my school have bikes.  Yes, people do use them. But not me.  I love cruiser bikes like this and wish I had one but I know that it will just sit around and be a waste of money.  For those of you who are heading off to college and need a bike, I'm sure these adorable ones will be reasonably priced to pick up!

Under no circumstances would this blanket look good in my bedroom, but as an accent in the living room, it could work.  This repetitive zig-zag print on the majority of the items makes for a good blanket print.

shot glass, martini glass, shaker.
I can guarantee you I will be purchasing this.  The fresh, sleek look of just the engraved glass and silver make the items look fancy and expensive.  The pieces really are beautiful.
laptop case.
I am someone who loves laptop cases that stand out.  Unfortunately, I have a 17" Macbook Pro and most companies only make up to 15" so I will have to purchase this as a gift for a friend or even my mom just so I can keep my eye on it.

Realistically speaking, I will probably only purchase one or two items but hey, a girl can lust over as much Missoni as she wants!  Kudos Target and Missoni for doing a fab job on the collaboration!

To view more items, check out this page.

Comment below and let me know which items YOU are lusting over!


(Images via Target Style)

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are one of the most standard things to bake.  If you can't bake a chocolate chip cookie, get out of the kitchen.  Seriously.  I used to strictly use pre-made Nestle Tollhouse dough or make the recipe on the back of the chocolate chips a la Phoebe on Friends.  If you haven't seen it...here's a tidbit for you...

Sorry for the poor quality but it's a must see.  Anyways, I don't really bake those anymore.  Partially because I haven't been baking much but also because I found a recipe that I enjoy more.  It's the Neiman Marcus Cookie recipe.  Yes, it's the one with the urban legend story about it costing $250 but no, that's not how much it costs, the ingredients are actually quite cheap.

The difference between the cookies is the Neiman's one has espresso powder and has a completely different consistency.  I really recommend trying it.  It's simple to whip up.  The recipe can be found here.

Since I can't have gluten anymore, I made it my mission to adapt the recipe to be gluten free.  I succeeded and made a deliciously chewy cookie.  I also subbed the sugar for agave to be even healthier. For those calorie conscious people, there's about 160 calories per cookie.

Here are the substitutions I made:

Flour Mix:

2/3 cup Brown Rice Flour
1/3 cup Tapioca Flour
1/3 cup Sorghum Flour
1/4 teaspoon Xantham Gum

*don't use just one type of gluten free flour, a blend works better...and don't forget the xantham gum...it really makes a difference in the consistency


3/4 cup raw Agave instead of granulated sugar and brown sugar

Chocolate Chips:

2 cups Vegan Chocolate Chips

Other than that....follow the recipe as is and pour a glass of milk (almond milk for me!) and enjoy.


welcome back!

hey everyone! now that i've wrapped up my summer internship, i have a lot more free time to write about the things that i've been up to.  all honesty, this summer has been lacking inspiration because i've been sitting behind a desk quite a lot.

i have read some books, watched some new tv shows, seen a few movies and done some major retail therapy so i figure why not tell you guys about that.  there will be a bunch of posts coming up in the next week recapping my summer.

also, i've finally started baking again because i haven't really been able to with a new gluten/dairy/sugar food sensitivity. tomorrow i'm making my favorite cookies with a healthier twist so we'll see how that goes.  i did bake a couple treats earlier in the week that i took some pictures of so i will be sharing those with you shortly.

i return to school in a week and will be decorating and organizing my room so i will share all of that with you as well.

hope summer has treated you well.


hang tight....

revamping in progress (once again...)

Summer Obsessions

This summer I'm working a 9am-6pm job.  I'd much rather be somewhere tropical but I must stay in the office.  Some staple items for the summer have allowed me to fulfill my tropical wants.  Well, sort of....

Chanel Orange Fizz
I just got this put on my fingers and toes over the weekend at Bellacures.  If you're from the LA area and have yet to try them, go ASAP.  It's such a lovely experience.  Anyways, this color stood out to me when I was shopping at the Chanel counter a few weeks back so prior to my weekend mani pedi, I made a pit stop in Barney's to pick a bottle up.  I only allow myself to wear bright colors like this during the summer.  Chanel's other summery color is Mimosa which is a bright yellow.  I can't wrap myself around wearing bright yellow quite yet.  Maybe in a few weeks when being locked in an office with no windows nearby gets more bleak.

J Crew Panama Hat
Poolside, shoreside or just plain outside, this hat will be with me when that sun is shining.  I have always been a fan of the fedora but mine got deformed from travel.  I picked up a Panama hat since I'm going on a brief vacation and I thought it was just what I needed for the pool.  They give great coverage so you don't have to worry about your face getting fried in the sun while you bake the rest of your body for that summer glow.

Free People Straw Bag
This bag is the perfect carry all for summer.  I throw my wallet, keys, make-up, sunglasses, ipod and book in and run out the door.  It's sturdy and can carry a lot and since it's a lightweight back you can fill it up and it doesn't get too heavy.  Straw bags are a must have for the summer.

Some other obsessions include:
*maxi anything

Almond Banana Shake

Sorry for the lack of posts.  I started my internship last week and it's been consuming most of my time.  Here's a recipe that's perfect for breakfast or dessert.  I'm sipping on one right now post-dinner.

Almond Banana Shake
serves 1

1 frozen banana (unpeel it then freeze it or the peel gets stuck on it)

1 tbs of almond butter
1 date
1/2 cup vanilla almond milk
1 tsp cinnamon
ice (optional if you want it colder)
protein powder (optional)

Blend and enjoy!

Friday Favorites

Nars Orgasm/Laguna Duo
Sephora, $40

I can't say enough about this awesome duo.  These are by far the best bronzer and blush.  Having both in one convenient compact makes it easy to transport with you.  

Chanel Waterproof Eyeliner in Espresso
Bloomingdales, $29

I have gone through TONS of these.  I won't wear anything else and the color is soft enough while also providing that harsh line.  It lasts all day and comes right off with makeup remover.  You can find it anywhere Chanel is sold but I usually just run into my local Bloomingdales.  It's self sharpening and one lasts a while.

Nars Concealer Duo in Honey/Vanilla
Sephora, $30

This is another favorite of mine.  NARS makes fantastic products and they're youthful too!  I enjoy having a duo because my skin color changes frequently so I can mix the two colors until I find the right shade for myself.  I usually just throw on some concealer and bronzer and call it a day.  It provides great coverage for everyday.

Miss Dior Cherie
Sephora, $60-$98

This is my go to fragrance for every day.  It works for both day and night.  I got the bottle for Christmas and it's almost out.  It's a very sweet, refreshing scent.