Summer Obsessions

This summer I'm working a 9am-6pm job.  I'd much rather be somewhere tropical but I must stay in the office.  Some staple items for the summer have allowed me to fulfill my tropical wants.  Well, sort of....

Chanel Orange Fizz
I just got this put on my fingers and toes over the weekend at Bellacures.  If you're from the LA area and have yet to try them, go ASAP.  It's such a lovely experience.  Anyways, this color stood out to me when I was shopping at the Chanel counter a few weeks back so prior to my weekend mani pedi, I made a pit stop in Barney's to pick a bottle up.  I only allow myself to wear bright colors like this during the summer.  Chanel's other summery color is Mimosa which is a bright yellow.  I can't wrap myself around wearing bright yellow quite yet.  Maybe in a few weeks when being locked in an office with no windows nearby gets more bleak.

J Crew Panama Hat
Poolside, shoreside or just plain outside, this hat will be with me when that sun is shining.  I have always been a fan of the fedora but mine got deformed from travel.  I picked up a Panama hat since I'm going on a brief vacation and I thought it was just what I needed for the pool.  They give great coverage so you don't have to worry about your face getting fried in the sun while you bake the rest of your body for that summer glow.

Free People Straw Bag
This bag is the perfect carry all for summer.  I throw my wallet, keys, make-up, sunglasses, ipod and book in and run out the door.  It's sturdy and can carry a lot and since it's a lightweight back you can fill it up and it doesn't get too heavy.  Straw bags are a must have for the summer.

Some other obsessions include:
*maxi anything


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