Missoni for Target

A few days ago the lookbook for Missoni for Target was released.  The minute I saw the images I set a reminder for the day they come out because I will be sure to be grabbing a few of the items.  The line looks fantastic for being a Target line.  I was impressed by Calypso for Target but all of the items seemed ordinary.  None of these items could be easily found anywhere else and they will be sure to sell quickly!

the bikini.
I'm sure it's priced well, just like every other Target bikini and it's super cute! I hope the pattern comes in more colors because I'm not digging the fall shades.  I want to see something more Summer/Resort.

rainboots & umbrella.
I hate matching but these two items just look so cute together! I always refuse to carry an umbrella and my Hunter's aren't as fashionable as I would like but if I can get my hands on these items, I will pray for rain.

hat, gloves, scarf.
For those of you heading East where the temperatures drop, do me a favor and grab a set!  I adore Winter items like these but my California Winter's are not calling for these items.  Maybe I'll have to plan a trip East just to wear this set!
scarves, scarves, scarves.
Oh my god.  Now I've never been someone to like "silk" scarves but these are just fantastic.  I want the one on the right to just hang on my wall.  I honestly have no use for one of these but they truly look Missoni, not like some cheap knock-off.

I love pretty candles.  I hate lighting candles but I love having them around.  I think they add a lot to a room and even when unlit, they freshen the smell of rooms.  The containers these are in are gorgeous and I will for sure be getting a couple for my house.  Even if they don't smell good, they are lovely as just artwork.

I have absolutely zero use for a bike.  Yes, I'm a college student.  Yes, people at my school have bikes.  Yes, people do use them. But not me.  I love cruiser bikes like this and wish I had one but I know that it will just sit around and be a waste of money.  For those of you who are heading off to college and need a bike, I'm sure these adorable ones will be reasonably priced to pick up!

Under no circumstances would this blanket look good in my bedroom, but as an accent in the living room, it could work.  This repetitive zig-zag print on the majority of the items makes for a good blanket print.

shot glass, martini glass, shaker.
I can guarantee you I will be purchasing this.  The fresh, sleek look of just the engraved glass and silver make the items look fancy and expensive.  The pieces really are beautiful.
laptop case.
I am someone who loves laptop cases that stand out.  Unfortunately, I have a 17" Macbook Pro and most companies only make up to 15" so I will have to purchase this as a gift for a friend or even my mom just so I can keep my eye on it.

Realistically speaking, I will probably only purchase one or two items but hey, a girl can lust over as much Missoni as she wants!  Kudos Target and Missoni for doing a fab job on the collaboration!

To view more items, check out this page.

Comment below and let me know which items YOU are lusting over!


(Images via Target Style)


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