welcome back!

hey everyone! now that i've wrapped up my summer internship, i have a lot more free time to write about the things that i've been up to.  all honesty, this summer has been lacking inspiration because i've been sitting behind a desk quite a lot.

i have read some books, watched some new tv shows, seen a few movies and done some major retail therapy so i figure why not tell you guys about that.  there will be a bunch of posts coming up in the next week recapping my summer.

also, i've finally started baking again because i haven't really been able to with a new gluten/dairy/sugar food sensitivity. tomorrow i'm making my favorite cookies with a healthier twist so we'll see how that goes.  i did bake a couple treats earlier in the week that i took some pictures of so i will be sharing those with you shortly.

i return to school in a week and will be decorating and organizing my room so i will share all of that with you as well.

hope summer has treated you well.



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