New York, I Love You: Shopping Edition

Since New York is one of the most fantastic places to shop in the world, it's no surprise that I make my way in and out of almost every store on 5th Avenue etc. There are always those few stores that I return to make purchases at.  Here is the exclusive list of stores I frequent:

Bergdorf Goodman

Located on the corner of 58th and 5th, Bergdorf's is by far my favorite department store in the city.  It's a sister to Neiman Marcus which is a store in Los Angeles that I frequent.  There is plenty to choose from whether you want to purchase a pair of Manolo's or a pair of J Brand's, almost any shopper willing to throwdown some money can find exactly what they need here.  To top it off, there's an adorable restaurant (mentioned in the first New York post) in the cosmetic department downstairs.  While you're down there, check out the headbands.

Henri Bendel

This used to be my favorite until they removed the clothes.  Bendel's is now an accessory and cosmetics only department store.  Regardless, I still always make my way through.  There are many unique accessories you won't find anywhere else.  If you decide to hit up Bergdorf's, make your way down the street to Bendel's as well.

Tiffany & Co.

Three words: Breakfast at Tiffany's!  If you're looking for jewelry or another gift of some sort, you may have some luck here.  This Tiffany's is much larger than the one I have here in Los Angeles so I enjoy making my way through since I'm a lover of Tiffany's jewelry.

Scoop NYC

There's a few of these in the city but if I were going to choose one to go to it would be the one on Broadway.  It's much larger than the others.  For some reason I enjoyed the experience there more.  They have a bunch of items that are their own company or other designers for Scoop.  You can find most contemporary designers here.  There's Alice and Olivia, Missoni, Free City etc.  As you can see there's a wide variety for any type of shopper.


If your'e going to go to Intermix, go to the one on the Upper East Side.  It's more spacious than the others I've been to.  They carry similar stuff as Scoop but it's a bit more pricey so beware.  I'll occasionally purchase something but I generally just enjoy browsing the store.

Calypso St. Barth

Soho. Soho. Soho. There's literally one on every block and one's an outlet.  I grabbed a cute pair of summer shoes for cheap.  There's quite a few Calypso's throughout the city but I'd definitely make a point to stopping in the one in Soho.  Every time I shop there it makes me want to take a trip to the Caribbean.


This store is similar to Intermix but it's in Brooklyn.  I was wandering the streets of DUMBO going into every furniture store I found trying to find new things for my new house and I came across this adorable boutique.  The employee's are nice and the clothes are fantastic.  It has a great layout to wander around in.  I didn't expect to find a store like this on this street but I loved it.

Jonathan Adler

I'm obsessed with the furniture from here.  It's a bit pricey but it's a great place to get ideas of what you want.  It's somewhat a classic contemporary style.  Many items are traditional while others are hysterical. They sell a Peacock lollipop holder.  Despite how ridiculous that sounds.  I want it. 

If you're looking for any other recommendations let me know! Enjoy.

*all images via Google


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