love is in the air

at the end of january i began to notice that los angeles was covered in shades of reds and pink along with hearts of every shape and size.  the decorations made my heart flutter...i am a valentine's baby and this past monday got the pleasure to celebrate my birthday.  valentine's day is far from my favorite holiday because it is only truly special when you have a valentine such as a boyfriend, fiance or husband.  last year my valentine was my best friend and as much fun as it was to exchange valentine's day gifts, the holiday does not hold the same feeling in my heart as it does when it's celebrated with a "lover" carrie bradshaw style.  nonetheless, the decorations still get me every time and i always have a reason to celebrate.  ever since i was a baby many of my possessions have been heart shaped or valentines themed.  i feel like regardless of the time of year, we can all appreciate the love we have in our lives and indulge in some valentine's day themed goodies. here are some of my recent findings...

these adorable heart-shaped coffee cups are a necessity for me.  i have a major coffee addiction and they are too cute to pass up.  the only downside is i think they might be too cute to actually use and may end up as a decoration in our house saved for special occasions.

i have a love for all things tory burch and these adorable pj's do not disappoint.  unfortunately, i don't wear pajama set's so i will not be investing in these unless they go on sale (i want the shorts!) but if you please...curl up with some hot cocoa in a Tory Burch Heart Pajama Set

of course another tory burch item made my heart go wild...this Tory Burch Paperweight is the perfect addition to my desk at home. i could easily see this as a desk accessory that i would later move into my own house next year.

this ring is from tiffany's, of course! ever since i could remember, my family would grace me with heart shaped jewelry from tiffany's for every holiday...that fad has finally slowed down because there's only so much heart jewelry a girl can wear! this is the Paloma Picasso Crown of Hearts three-row ring in yellow, white and rose gold.  it comes with a pretty hefty price tag but hey, a girl can dream.

this silver version of the Paloma Picasso Crown of Hearts three-row ring is a much more reasonable option but it is definitely still pricey but's tiffany's after all and when you have the mean reds nothing but tiffany's can calm you down (i have a major love for holly golightly)

all you need
...or so carrie bradshaw believes...this amazing h.stern key chain featured in sex and the city the movie (a personal favorite but no where near as incredible as the series) costs a lovely $6,800 BUT you can get one for yourself from Love is Key NYC for a much more reasonable price.  they offer single keychains for $38 or a set of four for you and your own charlotte, samantha and miranda for $120.  i am an owner of this keychain and i constantly get compliments or people asking where i found it.  after a lot of searching i found the ultimate substitute for the pricey h. stern original.

that is all i am going to be sharing for now...but don't forget to tell the people you love that you love them, verbally or with one of these adorable gifts.

and never ever forget....


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