an introduction

Hey everyone! I'm Emily and this is my blog.  I am a college student hoping to someday be in the public relations field.  I spend a large part of my time wandering the internet searching for my next love.  I have a passion for the entertainment industry, fashion, home designs and food.  Sometimes I call myself a foodie because any chance I get, I am either discovering a new favorite restaurant or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  I currently live in a dorm so I don't get to cook as often as I like but I plan on living in a house next year which will allow me to have much more access to things I love.  I am here to share with you my findings because many blogs have assisted me with them.  I'm not here to have tons of followers but I would like to make a difference in someones day.  Why should I keep all the yummy food, gorgeous decor and incredible trends to myself?  All I want is for you to enjoy and spread the word.  Thanks for visiting and let's get started on the adventures.


Katie Mar { March 3, 2011 at 7:23 PM }
you're so cute! :o) love this!
ugghh college sucks, i can't wait to live in a house, either!!!!!

p.s. i'm having a giveaway!!!

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