better butter

when i was young, i had at terrible peanut butter allergy. one day the allergy disappeared but my love for peanut butter had completely diminished.  growing up, everyone had pb&j for lunch at school and just the look of it made me want to vomit.  it was such a simple meal that i could not enjoy like everyone else.  recently, i have re-found my love for peanut butter but i don't think i would eat it as frequently as i do now if i had not come across better butter.  i read about it on fit chick in the city and decided to order some to try. 

better butter uses all natural ingredients and manages to have a much lower calorie count than typical peanut butter.  it comes in honey nut banana, nutty chocolate chip, maple pumpkin and cinnamon raisin. 

i purchased the variety pack which included honey nut banana, nutty chocolate chip and maple pumpkin because i was not sure which flavor i would want.

 i tweeted complaining about shipping prices to california and the people over at better butter so kindly threw in a free jar of cinnamon raisin so i was able to try all four flavors!

i threw this stuff on brown rice cakes along with bananas every day when i first received the package and pretty much ate myself into a better butter coma. it's absolutely delicious! i need to place another order soon because it most likely will be the only peanut butter i put into my body.

my favorite is the nutty chocolate chip because i am such a chocoholic and it reminds me of nutella which because of my strict diet i cannot currently consume. throw some of that on a rice cake and some sliced bananas and you've got a perfect snack or even a meal!

go get yourself some better butter, you will not regret it!

(images via Better Butter)


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