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friday, january 14, i set out on a mission.  after reading about the miracles vegan diets have made on people suffering from chronic or dormant mono i decided to give it a shot.  i myself have suffered with yearly mono relapses since 9th grade.  i went out and purchased The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone and after reading almost the entire book, i was hooked.  my initial intention was to read this book for ideas about healthier meals and to educate myself more on what i am putting into my body.  i wasn't planning on going full force vegan.  i have not had any animal products since january 14 except for three milkshakes when i was sick a few weeks ago.

i have noticed an increase in my energy and stamina and an all around cleaner feeling.  i don't plan on making it my lifestyle but right now it works for me.  as a college student, it's a tad difficult to follow but i make do.

as of now, my diet contains no meat, dairy, white flour or refined sugars.  you may think what the hell is she eating then but surprisingly it's enjoyable if you have access to the right foods.

prior to coming across this book i had no idea that grains and seeds contained as much protein as they do.  i  am currently in a relationship with quinoa.  this odd grain is uber high in protein and goes great in any salad or as a lettuce substitute.

my other love is oatmeal.  i never knew i could enjoy oatmeal.  when i was young i would see my grandpa eat a bowl every day and i was so confused as to why anyone could enjoy that warm goop.  i was so anti oatmeal that my grandpa used to make deals with me in order to get me to eat it.  the prime deal was "i will quit smoking the day you eat a bowl of oatmeal".  the next day i woke up and told my mom that i wanted oatmeal.  she couldn't believe it.  after that moment i still wasn't a fan but now i add agave syrup, blueberries and soymilk and it's incredible.

blueberries...oh my goodness. i eat at least 3 containers of them a week along with the three avocados i eat as well.  obviously not together but those would be the two items of produce i cannot live without in my dorm room.

i wouldn't say i'm eating this way because it's trendy or i'm an animal activist because honestly, i love my leather boots and accessories but i really do feel a difference in my life.

i will probably stay completely vegan for another month or so then i will slowly reintroduce myself to animal products...primarily because i cannot live without sushi and that occasional in-n-out burger.

soon i'll rename myself vegan-ish instead of a straight up vegan.

also, oprah and her staff did a seven day vegan challenge...i encourage everyone to try that at least once because you will learn so much about nutrition and yourself.

that's all for now.


Katie Mar { February 20, 2011 at 7:06 PM }
thanks for the comment on my blog
i've read that a lot of people liked that book, but i haven't gotten around to reading it.
after hearing how greatly it's affected you, i'm putting it at the top of my list!
i'll definitely spread the word about your blog :)

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